Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bhringi Muni's Yagya

The thought that he did not have a son, was gnawing on Dashrath's mind. So, he promptly went to see his guru about it. The king knelt at his feet, and cried out all his woes. Guru Vashishta, assured the king that, there was nothing to worry about, he was going to have four sons, who would relieve every one's fear, as well as be renowned in all the lokas.

Bhringi rishi was summoned by Vashista, who was asked to perform the Putrakameshti (ceremony for having a son) yagya. With great faith in his heart, the rishi presented offerings to the sacrificial fire, and lo and behold, the lord of fire himself appeared, with rice pudding in hand. He went up to the king and said,"Whatever Vashishta muni had wished for you in his heart is going to come to pass. Now, go back, and distribute this rice pudding. You can give any proportions of this pudding to whomever you want."

The king was delirious with happiness and he called his beautiful queens right away. Dashrath gave half of the pudding to Kaushilya and then, with the remaining half he made two portions. The first portion he gave to his second queen Kekaiye. Now, with the remaining portion the king made another two parts, put one on Kaushilya's hand, the other on Kekaiyi's hand (as if taking their permission, also making them happy) and then, gave it to the third queen, Sumitra.

This is how, the three queens got pregnant. Each day their hearts sang out with joy and contentment. The day the Lord, Sri Hari entered the womb, all the Lokas were blessed, there was happiness and prosperity every where.

The queens faces were all glowing, there was a certain aura about them. All was well in the palace. Some time elapsed, and then it was time for the Lord to APPEAR!!

Rituals are a part of our culture. Most of us, see it happening in our homes everyday. In fact, I am proud to say, that the saying " monkey see monkey do " applies in our house. Arjun, Suni and Ruchi have made sure, that the tradition of doing Puja in the house continues without fail. Not only do they participate whenever they can , but they have developed their faith, and it has taken root. To see them well rounded in their lives, with their careers, education and religion, makes Surajit and me very proud!!

You all know, that the Lord is playful, and He will appear in his own time ! Meanwhile, start believing in the Lord and gaining faith, then we will have Ram Rajya! JAI HO!

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